Challenge: The mattress industry has been rocked by online bed-in-a-box disruptors with slick marketing campaigns and cinematic spokespeople. 

Meanwhile, family-owned Verlo Mattress has been quietly manufacturing high-quality mattresses for over 60 years: made-to-order, lifetime guaranteed, REM-inducing works of art & science. 

Unfortunately for Verlo, nobody was paying attention any longer. Without the appetite for out-advertising the cacophonous online disruptors, Verlo needed a scrappy way to demand attention again.

Solution: Sometimes the best solution is the simplest: just tell the truth… “The cooler marketing of bed-in-a-box disruptors won’t help you sleep at night. Only a real mattress can help you do that.”

Of course, we needed a hook, and boy did our client partners at Verlo ever deliver one: “Honestly, we kinda stink at marketing. But we make awesome mattresses.” 

Boom. “Bad at Marketing, Great at Mattresses” was born, aka BAMGAM. Here’s the spot and social ads that launched the campaign. The fun was just getting started…

We’re obsessed with metrics and working the test-measure-adjust cycle as much as possible. By comparing view rates of different cuts of that spot, we learned that viewers were really responding to the Mattie the Mattress mascot—specifically when Mattie experienced pain. 

Good news for our creative team. Bad news for Mattie. 



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