Problem: Kids in Wisconsin face a mental and behavioral health crisis, as suicide is the second leading cause of death among teenagers, hospitalization rates are startling and there is limited access to care and resources.

Solution: In partnership with Children’s Wisconsin, we developed and launched the Shine Through campaign to raise awareness around this important and complex issue and shed light on the 5 year, $150 million commitment they have initiated to confront it.

Through this multifaceted campaign, we issued a call to action and inspired the community – from schools, to corporations, to news outlets, and to families – to Shine Through and help us light a way forward for kids’ mental health. And it’s only the beginning. Because there is no health without mental health.

Campaign Identity Package and Visual Style

The pediatric mental and behavioral health initiative called for a name and logo that would both reflect urgency and positivity, while coexisting well with the existing Children’s Wisconsin brand aesthetic. The identity we created was meant to not only bring awareness to the weight of this crisis, but serve as a beacon of hope in fighting it – a light through the darkness.


We created a hard-hitting and “scroll-stopping” launch video to powerfully introduce the campaign, raise general awareness around the crisis and inspire people to take action.

Launch Event

To launch Shine Through and bring awareness of this crisis to our communities, we organized a collaborative event across multiple locations, lighting up Milwaukee to spark even greater interest in the campaign.



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