One of our most heartfelt case studies to date. The Ability Center wanted to raise public awareness of their dream to build a universally designed athletic and recreational facility for those with disabilities that’s still inclusive to the able-bodied community. A place where those impacted with physical restrictions stay fit, healthy, and active. After much thought, we decided this wasn’t about building a campaign–it was about a building a movement.


We developed a grassroots campaign that went beyond generating awareness to actually solving the problem: Ramp Up MKE, an ongoing movement to transform Milwaukee into the most universally accessible city in the world, one location at a time. In bringing this concept to life, we organized events in popular public spaces that were not readily accessible to those with physical deterrents and turned them into inspiring, newsworthy stories fueled by compassion and community.


The Ability Center raised organizational awareness tenfold. When Milwaukee County Parks System heard about Ramp Up! MKE, they decided to not only join hands with The Ability Center, but to donate land to them as well. The events were picked up by Milwaukee news affiliates and continues to generate promising financial leads for our friends at at the Ability Center.

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