Research is critical to our strategy at SRH. So when science-based nutritional supplement manufacturer, Integrative Therapeutics, came looking to grow and engage their practitioner customer base, it seemed only natural that we apply our own scientific methods.

Integrative medicine sees a broad picture when treating patients, from lifestyle right down to the cellular level. We like to think of marketing as integrative as well, studying in detail the many facets of our demographic at hand.

The challenge was how to reach busy medical professionals in a crowded, commoditized and highly regulated market. Leveraging the right amount of research and testing, we formulated a strategy to help get their product top of mind and on the shelf with health care professionals.


Our approach was driven by behavioral insights, building a deep understanding of the integrative practitioner. We uncovered their need to continuously improve their craft, seeing that physicians rely heavily on science-based research and evidence-based education when treating patients.

This lead us to partner with leading doctors to develop the ultimate, integrated resource: The Integrative Quarterly. “The IQ”, as it is known, is an industry report featuring the latest news and trends to inform products, practices, and treatments for medical professionals, including:

  • Insights from industry leaders
  • Latest clinical studies
  • Supplement news, protocols and information

We designed The IQ as a “content buffet” to feed all of our highly targeted marketing channels, including video ads, sales materials, social media posts, blogs and webinars. By gating our most robust content behind lead forms, we were also able to expand our client’s database of practitioners, and adjust based on the quality of these leads.


The inaugural Integrative Quarterly became the highest performing content for Integrative Therapeutics to date, increasing awareness, driving web traffic, and seeing a 25% increase in conversions.

Our approach establishing the IQ as an ongoing tactic, giving our happy client a scalable digital marketing machine for driving frequency of purchase – a machine that’s “always on,” capturing new practitioners for the database and adding customers to the sales funnel. Most importantly, Integrative Therapeutics now has a lever to pull when they want to increase engagement. That’s what we call an integrative approach!

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