Frontdesk transforms upscale apartments into Airbnb rentals for corporate travelers who prefer more authentic stays. 

Their bootstrapped logo was created in PowerPoint.

They pulled the alarm. We answered the call.


Born from co-founder Kyle’s relatable experience of hotel boredom vs. Airbnb roulette, we transformed the core language into relatable terms:

From “the next generation of corporate travel” 


“Stay where you want.”


For the logo and visual identity, we brought all of the core brand elements together in a single mark:

  • “Fd” for the name.
  • A speech bubble shape to connote “community” because Frontdesk offers more connected experiences than hotels.
  • The city grid for “selective cities,” as Frontdesk focuses on often overlooked second-tier markets like San Antonio and Milwaukee.


This high-tech, high-growth company finally has a brand that can grow and evolve with it.

Just in time, as growth is 500% year over year.

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